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Utilizing the Business Model to Enable Sustainability Measurement on the Business Model Level

An Indicator Framework Supplementing the Business Model Canvas Why Is Sustainability important? Is it measurable, and if so, how? Which role play companies? Why are their Business Models important? How can we create sustainability, combining social, environmental and economic value, in collective actions? These are the questions I, Lara Obst, aimed to answer in my master thesis, which was submitted in… Read more →


Sustainable business models?

What is this about?   Hardly anyone can ever describe what sustainability is. How should then companies be so? By using „Sustainability Business Models„. Many researchers have tried to frame the concept of a „flourishing future“ into easy business terms and models, but still the fuzziness sticks to the term – sustainability. And, businesses do not trust it’s value. What’s… Read more →

Go out and be awesome!

Professional global networks around the world Whenever you think about the young generation, what comes into your mind? „New, trendy and fashionable“ or „bored, disappointed and powerless“? The truth may lay in the middle of these cliches. The changers, thinkers and makers of today, coming out of the generation y, face constant challenges, which literally become faster, bigger, higher. International competition… Read more →

Amsterdam experiences

An urban safari “I wane share a story with you: A story about people and the future and about waves!” This is not a normal story, nor a fantastic one, however one with emotions, learnings and true experiences. This weekend 100 young, passionate people from all over the world met – again. Not to start a journey, but an urban… Read more →

Früh und oft Scheitern

Worum geht „das Ganze“? Kreativ. Innovativ. Schneller, neuer, weiter. Alles soll anders sein. Alles? Oder nur die Wirtschaft? Was sagt die Masse, die Gesellschaft, die Menschheit? Die ist schon anders! Denn das „System“ Menschheit steht nie still. Kunst und Kultur loten ständig die Gegenwart, Zukunft und Vergangenheit aus. Ihre Lösung zurzeit: Nachhaltigkeit, Transdisziplinarität, Offenheit und Transparenz. Schön und gut, das klingt… Read more →