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– ArtCycle –

A sustainable business model to empower consumers and reduce waste, competing for the yooweedoo change maker award Ever since John Naisbitt published his research about the so-called megatrends in 1982, we cannot deny the all-encompassing developments such as globalisation, urbanisation and technical progress. These changes have led to the need for a sustainable approach in the face of the natural imbalance… Read more →

Wane change the world?

Make sure you have a common goal! If you want to convince others, especially investors, from your idea, you have to have three things clear for you: 1) The PROBLEM – you are tackeling 2) The IDEA – to solve it 3) Your individual SOLUTION So far, so god. But how to find a problem, idea and solution, four “shapers” (team… Read more →

1, 2, 3.. Startup!

Nordisch by nature? Wohl eher nicht. Startup Weekend hat seine ersten Stunden leider nicht in der schönen Stadt an der Elbe erlebt, allerdings versammelt sich hier, seit nun mehr drei Kalendern, alle Jahre wieder die Gründerszene – ganz real zu einem Wochenende der gemeinsamen Kreation. 2011 und 2012 in der Hafencity University, nun im Impuls gebendem Szeneviertel Altona. In der… Read more →

Rocket Culture Berlin

Die Welt der tausend Fehler „Wenn du es nicht kannst, dann mach‘ es groß!“ Ist das Berlin? Der Mythos, der Kosmos, das einzig wahre Mekka des modernen Deutschlands? „Von allem ein bisschen, von nichts zu viel!“. Die Masse filtert das Extrem. Hip, cool, in, out. Getrennt durch den klaren Rotstift des Durchschnitts. Gescheitert. Next. Eine fette Linie zieht sich durch das… Read more →

MayBE.. wind is blowing!

Am I a Berlin Geekette? No. If I want to become one? Maybe. I am not an entrepreneur, neither a nerdy computer specialist or an active feminist. I am a twenty-four years old “Innovation Management” student, following the spirit of time. This personally meant for me, three months ago I left the beautiful medieval Hanse-City Lüneburg and went to Berlin. From… Read more →