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– ArtCycle –

A sustainable business model to empower consumers and reduce waste, competing for the yooweedoo change maker award Ever since John Naisbitt published his research about the so-called megatrends in 1982, we cannot deny the all-encompassing developments such as globalisation, urbanisation and technical progress. These changes have led to the need for a sustainable approach in the face of the natural imbalance… Read more →

Go out and be awesome!

Professional global networks around the world Whenever you think about the young generation, what comes into your mind? „New, trendy and fashionable“ or „bored, disappointed and powerless“? The truth may lay in the middle of these cliches. The changers, thinkers and makers of today, coming out of the generation y, face constant challenges, which literally become faster, bigger, higher. International competition… Read more →

Amsterdam experiences

An urban safari “I wane share a story with you: A story about people and the future and about waves!” This is not a normal story, nor a fantastic one, however one with emotions, learnings and true experiences. This weekend 100 young, passionate people from all over the world met – again. Not to start a journey, but an urban… Read more →

Journey to change

Why are we here? What is the reason that 40 young people, from all over the world, came together and travel through Europe? Climate, but it‘s not only about change. It’s about the global climate and all it’s complexities. Climate comprehensively includes people, cities, urban growing, energy demand, technological innovation and even transport. That is only a small part of… Read more →