We: Cultureclash.me

Future reloaded! Wer sind wir und wenn ja wie viele (“Tschüss, Mensch” Inhuman)? Anstelle der dialektischen Schwarz-weiß Attitüde, ist ein ewigwehrendes Netzwerk getreten. Allumfassende Grautöne: Zwischenträume und Freiräume. KeineR ist mehr allein. Alle sind Wir. Doch führt nicht jeder Höhepunkt, jede Bewegung und Krise fast unweigerlich zu ihrer Gegenbewegung? Was ist unsere Talfahrt zur luftig-leichten Cloud-Community, zur Generation „You name… Read more →

Budapest. Innoveit 2015. 450 participants. Innovation!

What is sustainable or innovative when 450 people fly and travel from all over the world to Budapest to discuss sustainability? (Innoveit 2015) Well, we try to find out. The key word is: Networking. But not enough with that: skill and knowledge sharing, connections, collaboration and co-creation. Thus, we start – of course – with brainstorming, still being a little… Read more →

Innovation Festival 2014

Sunset or rise of our green future? Sitting on the 24th floor, 21 pm, chatting in English, French and German. Four girls in their 20’s, some would say generation Y, binning their time on a hotel roof, watching the wonderful evening sky over Valencia. But why? What makes us, the leisure free-time generation enjoy Spanish climate in the beginning end… Read more →

Generation Y Illusion

About Unicorns, dreams and question marks Samy Deluxe once asked “Why are me and my generation so depressed?” Today, I would say because we are always put into boxes, judged by aged norms and constantly made fun of! Seriously, this whole Generation Y issue is making me angry! Have you ever noticed that it is not “us”, choosing this term?… Read more →


What comes out when 200 change making, multicultural and eco-friendly gangsta meet on a Saturday in the epicenter of Berlin? A 120% hippster event is going to start, as the wonderful comedian explained us in one of the starting sessions. Ok, we have to live with these stereotypes, and to be honest, maybe some of them are true..  But the MakeSense… Read more →

What would Sigmar do?

He would give a speech! Today, 1200 people from press and media, universities, politics and public met at TU Berlin to listen to the presentation of working group III’s contribution to the fifth IPCC report. After 2 hours of speeches, the audience had learned three shocking facts. 1. We – the global community – are not on track! Nothing is… Read more →

Happy Birthday Jesus!

A parody to the whole Christmas chaos Why isn’t it so easy nowadays? Why is Christmas and the last of the twelve rushing month of the year so melancholic and silent? Is the reason really only the lack of vitamin D, no sun and an allover holly spirit? I am afraid these are not the main reasons. Back in the… Read more →

Go out and be awesome!

Professional global networks around the world Whenever you think about the young generation, what comes into your mind? „New, trendy and fashionable“ or „bored, disappointed and powerless“? The truth may lay in the middle of these cliches. The changers, thinkers and makers of today, coming out of the generation y, face constant challenges, which literally become faster, bigger, higher. International competition… Read more →

Amsterdam experiences

An urban safari “I wane share a story with you: A story about people and the future and about waves!” This is not a normal story, nor a fantastic one, however one with emotions, learnings and true experiences. This weekend 100 young, passionate people from all over the world met – again. Not to start a journey, but an urban… Read more →